Wonder Cave

Wonder Cave
Ever explore an earthquake from deep inside the earth?

Let us lead you into the Balcones Fault Line Cave; the only real earthquake cave open for viewing and an eye opener to Mother Nature’s devastating raw forces.

The tour is lead by our guides trained to reveal stories of past
geological eras of the Earth’s history. Fossilized prehistoric life encased in the many strata formations and huge boulders suspended mid-air are just part of the spectacular and rare sites the cave offers.

Wonder Cave is uniquely different from other show caves and is both fun and educational for all ages. Established in 1903, we are the first commercial Show Cave to open for public viewing in Texas.

Wonder World Park Cave and Attractions can be enjoyed year round without being affected by weather conditions.

Mystery Mountain and Wildlife Park

Mystery Mountain & Wildlife Park
Catch the Express Train bound for the Texas Wildlife Petting Park and Mystery Mountain!

Splash through the cascading waterfall of Mystery Mountain on your way into the Texas Wildlife Petting
Park.  The winding path will bring you to meet the many friendly deer and other critters that wait for the trains.

Riding the train through our Wonder World’s Petting Park is a unique and fun way to enjoy feeding, petting and interacting with the many wildlife inhabitants.  This is a great experience for all ages and one of the many family-friendly attractions offered at Wonder World Park.

Both deer feed and human refreshments are available for purchase at the Train Station prior to departure.

Tejas Observation Tower

Tejas Observation Tower
Exit Wonder World Cave by our “Stratavator”, from the bottom of the cave.  The shaft was created for the exiting of the cave and for the viewing of the many geological strata formations.  Travel 190 feet upwards into the Observation Museum in the Sky to see spectacular views of the dramatic shifting during the Earthquake and the formation
of the Balcones Fault Line Cave.  Look over the escarpment’s breaking-off points that reveal the location of the fault line below.  See the Hill Country’s uplift and the Gulf Coastal Plains dividing points that are the major distinguishing geological landmarks of Texas.

Anti-Gravity House
Just for the fun of it, play in the topsy-turvy world of our Anti-Gravity House where things that go up do not always come down and water runs uphill!