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Wonder World was established in 1903 as Texas's first showcave. In 1916, owner W.S. Davis sold the cave to A.B. Rodgers. His son Paul Rodgers operated the cave until it was purchased by TJ Mostyn in 1956. Since then, Wonder World has remained a family owned business and grown into a fully fledged natural experience unlike any other.

Right from its inception over a hundred years ago, Wonderworld has prided itself on offering a unique opportunity to get an up close and personal look at the dramatic effects of the earthquake that formed Texas as we know it today.

In its 120 years of operation, Wonder World has given over a million guests the chance to learn about the world that exists beneath them as well as create lasting memories with their families. From informative and captivating tours of our cave to animal encounters in our Wildlife Park, Wonder World prides itself on a fulfilling and wholesome guest experience. These tours come at the hands of dedicated tour guides who treat each guest to a curated and fine tuned experience that both educates and entertains....

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Summer time is always joyful and exciting for what lies ahead. There are multiple ways to spend the downtime you deserve, from a family outing to a much-needed break from work and life in general. Wonder World Park in San Marco, Texas, is here with an inside scoop on how to make your summer vacation fun and memorable. Contact us today for any attraction questions or deals you’re curious about!

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What's better than a Haunted Cave Tour? Why, one that is also made from an earthquake! That's right! Our Haunted Cave Tour at Wonder World Cave and Adventure Park features caves made from an earthquake. These are not your average scary caves because they offer real history about the Earth and all of its secrets. They are also the only real earthquake tours in Texas, so what are you waiting for? Join us today to discover spooky fun at Wonder World Cave and Adventure Park in San Marco!


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