Summer Vacay Fun

Summer Vacay Fun

Summer time is always joyful and exciting for what lies ahead. There are multiple ways to spend the downtime you deserve, from a family outing to a much-needed break from work and life in general. Wonder World Park in San Marco, Texas, is here with an inside scoop on how to make your summer vacation fun and memorable. Contact us today for any attraction questions or deals you’re curious about!

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Go For One of a Kind

There are a lot of standard amusement parks and pools all across the country, but finding a getaway place that carves itself a unique experience is something to always take note of. Not many tourist attractions can say to “visit our exotic petting zoo on the wonder express train,” but we sure can! The best part is that this only scratches the surface of what Wonder World Park has to offer this year.

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The Only Real Earthquake Site Available to Tour

When you’re done sightseeing on the wonder express train, you can cool down underground in our earthquake-formed cave. We’re not exaggerating when we say that this is the only earthquake remnant cave available for touring. Geological novices and experts alike will soak up every moment here with the inner beauty of our planet on full display.

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Touring History

The Wonder Cave is a historical attraction worth a visit from everyone. Initially discovered in 1893, the wonder world cave became a tourist attraction only ten years after and has continued to be a cornerstone tourist attraction well into this decade. No matter the age, there will be something to love for everyone about this exciting sight.

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Many More Attractions

The fun never stops with Wonder World Park. We know that the key to a successful vacation spot comes from the quality and variety of activities and scenery. You will never get bored when visiting us from our out-of-this-world anti-gravity house to the awe-inspiring observation tower!

We have a handful of summer attractions you’ll have to see to believe. So make this year memorable for everyone with sights worth traveling for. Check out our latest ticket deals today and our state-of-the-art gift stores when you visit!

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