Went to Wonder World for my birthday. It was actually a fun place to visit. They have a unique cave formed by an earthquake! Every staff member there was extremely nice, super friendly, very helpful & pleasant! The tour guide,Stephen, was so awesome! He made the tour fun with his great sense of humor! The tour is not really strenuous BUT there are some steps in places that may be difficult to navigate if you have mobility issues. The trail throughout the cave DOES have sturdy handrails 99% of the way through so that is a DEFINITE plus!

You exit the cave via elevator which takes you up through the tower. You can choose to skip if you prefer to but the tower is pretty safe. We’re also allowed to go up & outside to the very top of the tower so that’s a bonus. Then the tour guide leads you through to the anti-gravity house which is definitely a unique experience! If you have mobility issues or any type of vertigo, I would not recommend it. Then you get on the “train” to go across the road to the animal park where you can feed the animals there. (Animal food can be purchased inside the gift shop).

They also have video games & snack bar inside the gift shop as well as a petting zoo and some kiddie rides (for an extra fee).

The only complaint I have is that while they said they normally have 2 trains running, one was out of commission so we had to wait an excessively long time for the train to come back to ride through the animal park. We were told it’d only be 15-20 minute wait but we waited over 30 minutes! My main & only complaint is, while the train was still at the platform waiting to leave on the tour ahead of us, it was hardly full. It had maybe 4-5 people on it…plenty of room to add some more people from our tour, since we had such a large tour group, so at least some of us could’ve gone ahead & not been kept waiting for such a long time, if they’d have asked. While I realize it probably had to do with keeping groups & tour guides together, I would think it’d be more important to not make people wait unnecessarily, especially since our group was so large. I felt like we were squeezed in like sardines as the tram was completely full with our group.

All in all, other than that one complaint, we definitely enjoyed ourselves & the cave tour was NOT exhaustive compared to our experience at Natural Bridge Caverns & we’ll definitely visit Wonder World again. We spent 3 1/2 hours in the park so if y

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