School Resources

Wonder World Park would like to invite you to have your next field trip with us! Our tours are TEKS inclusive so that your students get the most out of their visit. Additionally, we have specialized tours for various grade levels so that your students are engaged and challenged during their time spent with us. Wonder World has a total of four attractions for our groups which include our cave, observation tower, anti-gravity house and a train ride through our wildlife park.

Throughout the tour, we encourage team collaboration and team building as your students make their way through our attractions. We believe Wonder World is the perfect place to get a hands-on learning experience while having fun.

Below is a list of our modified tours for various grade levels. Included in these documents is our supplemental worksheet that your students will be able to fill out during the tour.

We’re Just As Excited As You Are!

It can be an overwhelming experience for your students to visit Wonder World. For many of our groups, it is the first time they have been inside a cave. In order for your tour to the best it can be we recommend you review some of these rules with your students prior to visiting.

  • Your #1 resource is your tour guide!
  • Your tour guide will keep you safe during your tour so it’s important to listen to them during your tour, so be sure to keep your voices low.
  • Make sure to stay behind your tour guide during the tour. Our tour guides are the permanent line leader
  • Make use of our handrails.
  • While walking through our cave handrails will keep you on your feet and off your bottom.
  • The handrails will also guide you as you walk through our cave so be sure to stay between them.
  • The cave is NOT a playground.
  • There is no running, climbing or shouting in the cave.
  • There is some cave graffiti in our cave and we ask that people DO NOT add to it. It is a federal offense and will get you kicked off of the tour.
  • Group Pricing is as follows:
  • Student Combination Ticket – $9.50 per person
  • Adult/Teacher/Chaperone Combination Ticket – $14.00 per person